Hi! Welcome to Artistic Focus By Shelley

 I’m a small business focusing on farmhouse style wood signs and home decor, as well as, digital wall art. My name is Shelley and I’m the designer, creator, and vision behind Artistic Focus By Shelley. I live in the country on a two-acre lot outside of a small town in Eastern Ontario, where my husband has his woodshop and I have my craft room. Together, we create beautiful works of art for you to enjoy.

Artistic Focus By Shelley started as a way to express my creativity and make a bit of money to help pay for supplies. Designing, creating, and painting is very therapeutic. Watching my designs go from a blank background to a beautiful piece of art is both inspiring and motivating. I love sharing my passion with others, and the best compliment I can ever receive is when others hang it in their home.

My wood signs are all handmade in my studio. My husband cuts and sands the pine boards, while I design, paint, and finish them. I create digital wall art on my computer using elements I’ve created digitally, drawn or purchased, to bring the design from my mind out on to the screen for you to print and hang in your home, office – or to give to someone you love. At Artistic Focus By Shelley, we create everything with love and care, just for you!

I grew up in a farming family surrounded by farmland and nature to inspire a young creative mind. My greatest influence was my grandmother, who created art out of hair, splatter paint, pieces of material, or whatever else was left over from projects. When I was young, I started drawing, painting, and creating crafts as my grandmother did. Today I still get the same feeling of wonder as I watch my art evolve from unconnected pieces to something beautiful.

My purpose with Artistic Focus By Shelley is to make beautiful art and home decor for you and your home. I also love to do custom pieces inspired by you. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoyed making them for you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


A Few Words About

My Team

I have to say I have the best husband! I come up with the ideas  and look at him and say “can you cut this for me?” He never fails to come through. He knows his wood products and I know the designing and finishing. Overall we make a pretty good team. This makes bringing you a wonderful sign a joy!

Shelley King

Owner and Designer

James King

Wood Specialist